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Any Hot Deals At Disney?


There are a lot of things very "hot" at Disney.  The summer heat in Disney Land California is certainly scorching.  It must get hot walking around all day in those big Disney character costumes.  And then maybe Splash Mountain?

The Faces Of Disney

But hot deals might be what you're looking for if you're planning on a Disney vacation.  But where will you go?  You have three choices: Disney World, Disney Land and if you really think differently-a Disney Cruise!  Disney Land is located in Anaheim, California and Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  A Disney Cruise of course is located out on the high seas and is traveling constantly-a perfect mix up relaxing travel and theme park excitement. 

A Disney Gift Wrapped And Packaged

Of course, traveling to any of these locations can be costly.  Travel is not free, and finding cheap airfare is much easier said than done.  In addition to airfare, vacationers often have to worry about finding a hotel, getting a car rental and paying for admission.  (Not to mention food expenses!  Sorry folks-no such thing as Donald Duck L'Orange). The good news is that you can find a bargain if you shop for a Disney package.  A vacation package guarantees you pay a fixed rate for air travel, hotel stay and a car rental.  Some packages offered by Disney Land itself can offer you a special deal on airfare, a stay at a Disney resort and even special deals for the theme park itself.

Disney Packages

But you don't have to deal directly with the big mouse to ensure a family vacation to Disney Land.  You can find a travel agent who specializes in Disney Land or Disney World vacations.  Travel agents are no longer hard to find-you might even be able to schedule your trip entirely online, from the airfare tickets to admission into the theme park.  Search for some specialty tickets that also allow you and your family preferred seating at Disney attractions and early admission into the park. 

Disney Land, Disney World and the Disney Cruise are the ideal family vacation.  The kids will be fascinated with the characters and shows, the teenagers can enjoy the rides and attractions while the grown ups can enjoy the extra amenities.  Everyone has fun at Disney Land-all the more so when they get in for a bargain price!