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Fear And Loathing Prices In Las Vegas


Everybody loves Las Vegas.  It's the perfect place to get married, have a honeymoon and bring all the kids several years later.  There's something for everyone in Vegas from Elvis impersonators to live shows and five star hotels and resorts.  But one thing everyone fears and loathes about Vegas is the unholy price of such a fun vacation.  But as Elvis might croon, you can't build your dreams on suspicious minds.

Flights To Las Vegas

While flying is never free, it is possible to find cheap airfare if you're diligent.  The best place-in fact, the only real place to look, is online through auction and travel websites.  When unused or canceled tickets become available companies either sell these at a discounted price or auction them off to the highest bidder.  Be patient and search for these discounted tickets; you just find them sooner than you think.  The only catches are, when you book such a flight you might have pack quickly as many trips might be last minute bookings.  Also, you may don't know all the details of a flight until you purchase the ticket or even arrive in the airport.  You must be very negotiable with times and dates.  These are the prices you pay for saving the extra cash.

Package Deals

One effective way to save money when traveling to Las Vegas is to purchase a package deal.  Rather than fly, and then separately look for a hotel and car rental, why not buy a complete package deal where all your transportation is provided?  You pay a fixed rate and can enjoy airfare, a hotel stay and in many cases special food and entertainment arrangements.  Speaking of fear and loathing, Las Vegas traffic is notorious for being over crowded.  So plan your trip carefully.  You may consider walking to certain locations or taking a cab or a bus.  A travel guide can guide you to popular vacation destinations and make sure you don't get lost or waste money on high gas prices.

Las Vegas Attractions

Just what kinds of attractions are there in Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the United States?  There are many live entertainment shows for the whole family from circus acts to theme parks to sports events and movies.  There are comedy acts, concerts, unique wedding chapels and magic shows for the grown ups.  And for the "adults", well of course Vegas is known as Sin City.  Strip clubs and adult stores also define the excess fun of Vegas.

Don't be afraid of Las Vegas!  Buy a vacation package and come check out the unique attractions and exciting nightlife of the entertainment capital of the world.