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Honey, Let's Go On A (Cheap) Vacation!


Are you looking for a free vacation?  The best way to ensure a free vacation is to become chummy with a very wealthy relative or in-law.  Because quite frankly, million dollar corporations aren't in the habit of giving away "free vacations."  Everything costs money, and if a "free" vacation is promised, you can bet that you will be paying for it somewhere down the line.

The Truth About Free Vacations

Virtually all so-called "free" vacations offered by companies have loopholes and technicalities that ensure you will pay for what you receive.  Some free vacations are part of a "time share promotion" that requires vacationers to listen to sales pitches by agents.  However, this is not as easy as it seems.  Very often, these sales agents resort to unscrupulous activities to make you pay.  Companies that offer free plane tickets make their money by overcharging on the food and hotel accommodations.  Other scams will see the travel agency mysteriously disappearing, booking a stay in a dirty and unlivable hotel in hopes that you'll upgrade, a limited time offer that conveniently expires after your deposit, and special discounts that disappear or are invalid with most hotels in the area.

Affordable Vacations

While you should be leery of free vacations or exceptionally cheap vacations, there is such a thing as an affordable vacation.  First of all, believe that anything too good to be true probably is.  It will cost at least few hundred dollars to travel anywhere, especially if you're flying and booking a quality hotel.  In planning ways to save money, there are some avenues to explore.  First, consider buying vacation packages instead of planning a trip yourself.  This saves you money and further complication by arranging a round trip flight, a hotel stay and car rental at one fixed price. 

Shop Around

The best way to find a cheap vacation, as in the best deal in town and not a "steal" that is most likely getting you ripped off, is to do a careful search online.  First decide what kind of vacation you would enjoy.  A cruise, a resort, a theme park or a skiing trip?  Next, consider all of the locations available and look for special packages.  Sometimes if you book a last minute vacation package you can find an unusually low-priced, legitimate deal.   

While nothing comes free in life, smart planning and patient searching really can find you an affordable vacation.