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Honeymoon Getaway: The Perfect Way To Get Acquainted


Honestly, who of you out there reading this just got married for the great honeymoon vacation?  All right, maybe there were other reasons.  But who wouldn't love to go on a romantic honeymoon getaway as the perfect beginning to a long and happy marriage? 

Planning a honeymoon vacation doesn't have to be a complicated matter.  This is your wedding-a time to relax, spend a little bit of money and not over-think the future.  Luckily, many honeymoon getaways are as simple as paying one fixed price and traveling to an exotic location for some fun and relaxation.  (And whatever else people do on their honeymoon.)

Honeymoon Packages

A honeymoon package can be an all inclusive deal that not only provides travel to a honeymoon destination, but also pays for and schedules hotel stays, car rentals and in many cases meals and entertainment. 

But where will you go?  There are many different locations to consider, all over the world.  First, you may want a special honeymoon cruise package, which allows you to travel the ocean and take in some truly unique and beautiful scenery.  Some cruises can also arrange your actual wedding ceremony and reception aboard the ship!

If you love the water, but aren't sure you want to go beyond the beach, then consider arranging a romantic getaway at a resort.  Popular places for honeymoon vacations include Hawaii, with its breathtaking flowers and calm uncrowded shores, Florida, which is not only a great place to find beaches but also the home of Disney World, or even more exotic locations like Aruba, Bermuda, Italy and Jamaica.  What romantic wouldn't enjoy a stay in France?  Not only is it romantic and a great spot for tourism, it's relatively easy to get into.  A valid passport is all you need for a vacation less than 90 days.

Is It Expensive?

Well, of course it costs money.  Going anywhere for a five star vacation with flight and hotel arrangements is bound to cost some dollars and cents.  But it might not be as much as you think.  By spending wisely and patiently shopping for the best deal, you can find a cheap honeymoon getaway package that feels like a million dollar luxury.