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Plan A Vacation Cruise


Cruises have always been a popular alternative to a regular vacation.  Everybody loves the water and the scenery is wonderful to people of all ages and tastes.  Even if you get a little seasick, cruise vacations offer indoor accommodations for all your needs.

Types of Cruises

There are cruises for all sorts of tastes and celebrations.  There are wedding cruises, in which a happy couple can have a wedding, reception and honeymoon all aboard the same boat; family cruises with special activities for children; Disney cruises which brings the excitement of Disney Land to the high seas; and romantic getaways for couples.

Cruise Packages

Is there such a thing as a package deal when talking about a cruise?  In theory, everything could already be enjoyed aboard the cruise ship.  There are living and sleeping accommodations on board, five star restaurants, entertainment centers, and constant traveling.  A cruise might be ideal for people who don't want to fly, nor worry about rental cars and hotel stays.  On the other hand, a cruise can also be part of a larger package deal that takes into account more locales than just the boat.

Cruise Locations

You can travel all over the world on a cruise and see tropical islands, along with the largest oceans from Mexico all the way up to Alaska.  Noteworthy cruise line companies include: Carnival, Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Norwegian, Princess and Disney.

The Price

How much does an all-inclusive vacation aboard a cruise ship cost?  While there are luxury cruises that are even more expensive, the average price of a vacation cruise (excluding holiday cruises) can be $400.00 to $1500.00 per person.  Considering the travel and amenities, the price is fair; especially when compared to a typical family vacation in which plane tickets must be purchased, a weeklong hotel stay and a car rented.  A cruise is quite possibly the "cheapest" way to enjoy a true vacation package. 

Booking a cruise with a travel agent is the best way to get your vacation started.  Many online companies offer to book your trip for you or at the very least can give you a preview of a cruise ship's course and specials attractions, as well as lead you to the company website. 

Vacations don't come along nearly enough.  So why not make your next one affordable and enjoyable as you explore the high seas?