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Win A Vacation Package At An Auction


You know there's so such thing as a free vacation.  Discounted vacations are hard to find and affordable vacations can only happen so often given the weekly paycheck.  But have you ever thought of bidding for a vacation at an auction?

How Auction Sites Work

Popular auction sites include Hotwire, Priceline, Ebay, Side Step, Sky Auction, Auction Warehouse and many others.  Usually, the way the system works is that the site company is partnered with travel companies and offers prices on airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals and package deals.  However, there is often unsold inventory or even canceled items.  These might be empty plane seats, empty hotel rooms and cars that have yet to be rented.  Better somebody pay for these unused items than to just let them go to waste.  But because of the short time period, this unused inventory has to be unloaded.  Therefore, whether through auction or through fixed price, last minute shoppers can get these deals at significantly low prices, well under the ordinary rate. 

A Catch?

Unlike free vacation scams, this is a legitimate way of finding cheap travel tickets and packages.  The only catches are minor such as, you don't see which company you book with until the purchase has been made, and you have to be very flexible about flight times.  But that's a small discomfort for a much-appreciated bargain.  This is why often times shopping at the last minute for a great vacation package can lead you to some great deals that you would never find booking in advance.

Name Your Own Price

Some companies sell at a very low price; while others play the auction game and let you determine how much you're willing to pay.  You enter in your desired travel dates and bid for a total package of flight, hotel stay and rental car.  One catch in this instance is that you don't find out any other details until after you book.  Being extremely flexible and being a last minute buyer can help save vacationers up to 40% off the usual travel price.

Sold to that Internet user over there! 

While it's unlikely that you'll win a full package deal for $1.00 by bid, if you're persistent and shop wisely, using these auction sites could buy you a memorable vacation at a very discounted price.