Four Important Tips On Renting Vacation Properties

Four Important Tips On Renting Vacation Properties

Many people would rather go with vacation rentals by owners rather than pay a hotel or rent a villa. Why so? For one thing it is less expensive than renting a luxury home or five star hotel room. Also, it gives a more personal touch. Not only are the rooms more homey; oftentimes, previous renters and the owner will leave behind memorabilia to add to the personal comfort of the vacation. If you're thinking about renting a home direct from an owner, here are four tips to consider.

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1.Book Well In Advance

Though some great rentals can come from last minute searching, when it comes to renting a home, advance planning is a must. Homes usually sell out faster than hotels. Besides, many homeowners now either directly or through another company, have rentals set up online. Now schedule changes are virtually instantaneous—so advance planning really helps in this case.

2.Get A Copy Of The Website

This might involve not only printing out a page but also even saving an entire web site on your computer's hard drive. (The easiest way to do this is to click “save as” from the file menu) This is needed in case there is ever any disagreement between the renter and homeowner, regarding certain promises made. Whatever is publicly stated on an owner's website represents a minimum guarantee. A website is evidence, just like a physical contract. It might help to bring a print out of the screen stating any special promises made to the property itself in case you can resolve a dispute in person. However, if there is a major dispute then a copy of the website should be saved on computer for further action.

3.Make Sure Of The Exact Location

Make sure that the property is clearly described on the website if you're ordering online or with a brochure/map if you're booking by telephone. The property location description should also include walking and driving distances to important amenities. While not all owners will give you the exact address, they should give you enough street information to locate the property on a map. Making sure of the location prevents you from entering the wrong house! (Yes, it's been known to happen)

4.Be Nice...They're Watching.

While you're not being literally videotaped by homeowners, (we hope not!) they keep records and can tell if their home has been trashed or if any property was been stolen while you were renting the home. When you're a guest in someone's house, always remember to be considerate. Also, don't forget to sign the guest book if the owner leaves one behind! It's a nice way of saying thank you.