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Finding Great Rentals In Florida


Florida is one of the hottest markets in the country to look for real estate.  Florida is the fourth most populous state in the U.S., and given its rich history, sunny beaches and moderate weather, it is the perfect place to work, live or even retire.  Popular theme parks include Disney World, Sea World and the Universal Orlando Resort, which help drive the economy and make the state a tourist attraction.

Luxury Homes And Great Rentals

Leasing a house or apartment in Florida can be expensive, especially finding such a residence in the more populated cities.  In terms of real estate, Florida is divided according to four parts: the panhandle to the north, central Florida, south Florida and the Florida keys.  Not only is property expensive to buy or lease, another necessary expense may be homeowner's property insurance for hurricanes and other severe weather.  Various parts of Florida are considered a high risk for hurricane season and so cost more for insurance protection.

Cheap Vacation Properties

While living in Florida might cost a heavy price, vacationing in Florida can still be a treat.  Vacation rentals are generally affordable and can be reserved for several days or even a longer period of time such as a week or a month.  Many hotels and motels can be booked for as low as $50.00 a night, and reserved entirely online.

Great Rentals For Lodging

But for those who don't mind spending a little bit more money for a comfortable vacation stay, there are also villas, beach houses and condos that are fairly priced.  Beach houses are very popular because of the convenience.  While some condos are called beach houses because of their close distance to the ocean, there are actually full beach houses you can reserve for larger parties. 

Choosing Vacation Rentals By Owner

Some people are more comfortable renting a home rather than a hotel or luxury villa.  Most of these homes are still very clean and spacious and are much less expensive than a luxury rental.  When booking a home to rent, try and go in the off-season and not on a holiday, as rates skyrocket during busy seasons. 

Explore the beaches of Florida along with the amazing theme parks and find out why they call it the Sunshine State!