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Living Large: Renting Luxury Homes


Many people (especially the ones who can afford it) dread the idea of a dirty, small, boring motel room with one bed and one television.  Indeed, you get what you pay for and a hotel for $30.00 a night will just barely cover your head and protect you from theft.  (Hopefully.)

On the other hand, if you're willing to spend a little bit more money, you can rent a luxury villa, a beach house, a five star hotel, a chalet, a log cabin or a condominium.  What's the difference?  When you get there you will definitely see the difference!


Villas are country houses elegantly designed and with large outdoor areas.  They usually feature swimming pools and large windows and are so richly made they can even be called pretentious.  Well, that sure beats the words "cheap" and "disgusting", which surely match the descriptions of some one star hotel.  Villas can be rented by the room or by the entire building, depending on the size and the homeowners' wishes.

Beach Houses

Beach houses likewise offer a luxurious sleep.  There's no greater indulgence than having a great view of the beach in the day and all through the night.  This is an ideal rental for someone who knows they're going to spend most of their vacation at the beach, with maybe one day out of the week for sightseeing.  Depending on the design and on the homeowner's rental permissions, beach houses can be condos, and be rented by the room, or can be full home rentals offered at a weekly price.

Other Lodging Ideas

If you're looking to spend less money but still acquire some great rentals then consider looking into vacation rentals by owner.  Privately owned vacation properties are well kept and are much more economic than luxury villas.  Log cabin rentals and chalets are also popular choices particularly if you're near the mountains or on a ski trip.

Warnings For The Holidays

While you might not mind spending some good money to get a good night's sleep, there's no need to waste money needlessly.  Booking even a luxury rental during an off-season, or by avoiding a holiday or any special events can save you a lot of money. 

You've earned the big money.  You deserve a peaceful sleep.  So treat yourself to a luxury rental and stop staying at those cheap motels.  Your vacation should be primarily about your comfort!