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Renting A Beachhouse


If you're a true child of the earth, then you probably spend a lot of your vacation time relaxing on the beach, taking in the sun and sampling the soft sand.  There's nothing quite like unwinding at a beach.  The only bad part about the otherwise wonderful vacation is the long drive home to the hotel. 

Well, it doesn't have to be that way.  Why not maximize your relaxation time and rent a beach house?  It is the perfect lodging place to relax and to take in the beauty of the beach even after it's time to head home. 

Types Of Beach Houses

There are different kinds of beach houses you can rent for your vacation.  There are luxury homes, villas, and other vacation properties that are built close by the beach for convenient use.  In addition, there are also more economic choices like beach condos and vacation rentals by owner, which are homes rented out as vacation properties.  If you want to do a lot of sightseeing, then rent a hotel room.  But be honest-if you're going to spend most of the time at the beach, then rent a beach house and make the best use of the time!

Where To Rent A Beach House

By the beach, silly!  But here are some cities that feature the best beach and resort areas you can find.  California has a great selection of beaches from the North Pacific Ocean including San Diego, Venice Beach and Long Beach, Galveston, Texas, several cities in Florida, Hawaii and Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  If you're looking forward to an international vacation, then consider Mexico, Italy, the Caribbean Islands, or the Bahamas.  Another spot to consider is Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.  The weather is balanced, with a winter season average of nearly 60 degrees weather and a summer average around 90 degrees.  Even if those temperatures are too much to handle, the beach house condo will keep you at just the right temperature.

Holiday Season

Since many beaches have year-round favorable weather, it's best to go at a time when there's not so much heavy traffic.  Certain warmer seasons along with holidays bring higher prices and more complication in renting a beach house at a reasonable price.  Remember, the beach will always be the beach in any season.  Go when it's quiet, rent yourself a convenient beach house, and enjoy soaking up the sun all the more so.