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Some Tips On Renting A Condo


A condo, or a condominium, can be rented for a vacation, which could possibly spare the vacationer higher costs of a hotel room.  A condo usually has several units, much like an apartment complex, with hallways and some recreational facilities.  There are also detached condominiums.  Condos very greatly in look, ownership and management, and appearance as dictated by the ones who own the property. 

Where To Find A Condo

Condos can be found for rent near virtually any major city, and particularly tourist spots.  They are an alternative to hotels, villas, chalets and log cabins and for the most part, are much more economic.  There are nearby ski resort condos as well as beaches condos.  They can be found international and probably even in your home city.  It is usually advisable to rent a condo as part of a larger vacation package if at all possible.  Some vacation packages could include airline tickets, a condo reservation and a rental car all for a fixed price.  However, some people might choose to simply pay for travel tickets and stay at a condo of their choosing, especially if travel will be light.  (Long periods of beach dwelling, for example.)  

Important Tips On Finding A Good Deal

First of all, it is a very good idea to book a condo a few months in advance.  If you are planning for a summer vacation, then March would not be considered too soon to make arrangements.  Condos are rented out very quickly, usually at a faster rate than hotels.  Secondly, booking a reservation in the off-season can save you up to 50% off the typical asking price in busier seasons.  Another tip is fairly obvious but bears repeating: if you want a discount, you have to ask for it.  Asking the condominium personnel over the phone or searching online for any specials is bound to bring some good news.  Even if the specials turn out to be mistimed from your schedule, it never hurts to ask. 

Additional Tips And Common Courtesies

Always get a total price including taxes in writing and read carefully all the technicalities, whether by contract or online.  If the condominium has a website or is affiliated with an online company, save the web page of your purchase and any special promises or services that are offered.  Finally, while it doesn't literally "pay" to be nice, it does ensure that you will be welcomed back by the homeowner if you ever decide to rent again.  Take good care of the room, tip well if there are cleaning or room services, and be very careful with the owner's valuables.  Lastly, sign the guest book!  (If one is left behind.)  Homeowners enjoy learning who has stayed in their house and finding out how much fun they had on their trip.

Renting a condominium is not only cheaper than renting a five star hotel-it adds a personal touch.