Five Ways Have An Adventure On Your Vacation

Five Ways Have An Adventure On Your Vacation

Nobody wants a boring vacation. Even if you go somewhere to relax, there should always be some activity going on in between beach naps. If for nobody else then plan an adventure for the kids who are always looking for fun. Here are five ways you can have an adventure vacation.

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1. Go somewhere exotic.

Why limit yourself to well known cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Chicago? It's just a lot of pretty urban life there, anyway. If you really want to do something new and exciting then consider traveling to an exotic location. Think about Italy or France, Australia or Egypt. Complete vacation packages, including airfare, hotel stay and transportation, can be purchased and reserved for one flat rate.

2. If you must stay within the country, then visit the countryside.

The rural atmosphere in many states like Georgia, Virginia, Washington and Wyoming is something truly beautiful and inspiring—particularly if you or the family have only been accustomed to city dwelling all your life. Some country roads spread out for miles and miles for a pleasant drive, while some rural territories have forests, wildernesses and state parks for a real adventure.

3. Get in touch with nature.

Whether it's packing up for a camping trip, going hiking on a trail, or even exploring the high mountains, if you want an adventure you often times have to leave the car and go find one on foot. Add a few wildlife park visits and trout fishing days to your activity list, and your family will get the full effect of a vacation adventure.

4. Look into sports.

We're not talking about watching football on a portable TV while you're camping out. In many areas, particularly in rural and mountain states like Colorado, Georgia and Virginia, you can sign up you and your family to participate in some adventurous activities like skiing, snowboarding, biking or horseback riding. It sure beats watching cricket on cable!

5. Get the adrenaline pumping.

So your family didn't exactly cheer when you suggested Georgia in place of Disney Land. But even going to the big mouse park doesn't mean you can't make an adventure out of it. Ride all of the roller coasters and get wet on the rafts. As long as everybody is excited and getting some form of exercise, then your adventure has officially begun.

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