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Five Places To Go On A Holiday Vacation


Some people visit family members on the holidays and spend most of the time entertaining relatives while preparing meals and cleaning house. Other families say, forget that—we're leaving town and having some fun. Good idea! Now where should you go? Here are five hot spots to consider for your next holiday vacation.

1. Hawaii

It's the dead of winter, below freezing and miserable anywhere else, but your comfy bedroom. But not in Hawaii! Hawaii is known for having warm, tropical weather all year round. Many people deliberately wait till wintertime to plan their vacation so they can get away from the cold and get back to the sun.

2. A Disney Cruise

Everybody's going to be at Disney Land and Disney World—it's the holidays! Rather than fight heavy traffic and pay high seasonal prices, why not excuse yourself from all the commotion and enjoy Mickey Mouse and friends aboard a Disney Cruise ship? This cruise features all the popular Disney characters, activities for older children and teens, and is the perfect romantic getaway cruise for adults—all in one family package.

3. Texas

While Texas is a very populated state, most travelers will be heading to California, Las Vegas, Florida or other big “vacation” cities. While ducking out from holiday traffic in Texas, you can also sample tourist friendly cities like Austin, Arlington, Fort Worth, El Paso, Corpus Christi and Galveston. Coincidentally, these cities, while buzzing with activity, won't be as immensely crowded as economy giants Dallas and Houston.

4. Cape Cod

Lots of fishing, lots of tourist-friendly shopping and cuisine, sunny beaches—and even the chance to see a whale! Best of all, Cape Cod is a friendly holiday location for tourists. Not only is it less populated than big city-states like California and Florida, it usually only sees heavy tourist activity about 4-5 months of the year--particularly great place to visit during the off-season.

5. Yellowstone National Park

Everyone will be off cavorting with Mickey Mouse and friends this holiday season. Why not take your family to a place as educational and adventurous as it is fun? You can commune with nature, camp out, go hiking and observe wild life at one of the true landmarks in American civilization.