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Five Ideas For A Family Vacation


You put your foot down and give the family an ultimatum. “I will not set foot in Disney Land this year. I make $80,000 a year and I will not be humiliated by having a giant Donald Duck impersonator pat me on the shoulder.” (Besides, you still haven't forgiven them for killing off Mufasa.) Relax! There are plenty of other family vacations you can choose from that don't involve Disney Land but that are guaranteed to be fun for you, the spouse, the kids—the entire family.

1. Mexico Vacation

While a lot of youngsters love to travel to Mexico to—well, drink--families don't mind coming to take in the sun, relax on the beach and observe all the festivity of the cultural “melting pot” known as Mexico. There are a variety of cultures, customs and arts to be enjoyed in Mexico—not to mention fine hotels, delicious food and waters so clear you won't believe it.

2. Canada

Honestly, we're not just choosing the best places in the world to drink. Believe it or not, there are better things in life than getting wasted in a bar. Need an example? How about the sports and outdoors fun that Canada has to offer? Skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding, fishing and boating are among the enjoyable activities that Canada offers that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

3. California

Just because you loathe Disney doesn't mean California is that bad of a place. There's always Universal Studios, Sea World in San Diego with its very real collection of aquatic and arctic life, the Del Mar Race Track, and if you and the kids really think you're bad, check out a piece of horror history—Alcatraz Island in San Fransisco Bay, an abandoned prison and an urban legend you're to remember.

4. Hawaii

There are no giant mammals or ducks in Hawaii...or at least ones that measure over six feet tall. But your kids won't mind the beaches, the extravagant foods and decorations, and the boat and helicopter tours of one of the most pleasant islands in the entire world. Your kids will appreciate Hawaii all the more so if you take them during the dead of winter—the temperature is as friendly as the natives.