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Five Places To Go For A Romantic Getaway

You forgot your anniversary last year, so this year it's time to really make things up to your better half.  The kids are spending time with relatives.  Trusted friends are occupying the house.  It's time for a romantic getaway vacation!  But where will you go?  Here are five ideas for a romantic getaway sure to spice up your love life.

1.A Getaway Cruise
This is a real cruise we're talking about.  Not a Mickey Mouse cruise, but a cruise for couples complete with travel arrangements, a suite inside the ship, with the most delicious cuisine you've had in years.  Taking a romantic cruise lets you see the most beautiful scenery imaginable as you stare off into miles and miles of ocean and magnificent sunsets.    Be sure to take a camera so you can record the more amazing moments on film and keep them forever preserved.

2.Mexico Vacation
There are so many exotic locations in Mexico to choose from: Cancun, Tijuana, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos and Guadalajara.  How can you choose which is more beautiful?  You probably can't so you might as well choose according to price.  Mexico waters are startling clear and the beaches are relaxing.  Shopping is fun and culturally significant and the food?  The delicious food is probably the best part of a Mexico vacation.

Everything is in California.  Even if you and the spouse hate Disney and all those scary creatures huddling over you, you can still visit the marvelous beaches of Long Beach and Venice Beach.  You can visit Sequoia National Park and enjoy some hiking and exploration.  In love with the cinema?  Visit Universal Studios and walk up and down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

4.An Exotic Vacation
Think Paris, Jamaica or Italy-the most romantic places you can go anywhere in the world.  They're not exactly cheap vacations, but when you buy a package deal they don't have to cost extravagant prices either.  Purchase a vacation package and arrange your airfare, hotels stay and car rentals with one fixed price.

Sure, there's fishing, there's tourist attractions, there's restaurants and theme parks all over this country.  There's also a wide selection of alcoholic beverages!  If you're young and married and you know it's time for a drink, then it's time to getaway to Canada.