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Romantic Getaway Ideas for Guys

Occasionally guys get some good ideas: like a romantic getaway idea. (He finally gets the idea after a month of his lady dropping hints and or pouting) Now that he knows what they need to revitalize the relationship, where and how does he arrange it? For starters, a romantic getaway vacation doesn't have to be long or expensive. How romantic can a getaway be if you break the bank and spend the next year in debt? Think romantic, not wildly exotic. A getaway might only be one or two days total. If that's the case then you don't want to spend a full day traveling, unless your lady enjoys long road trips. Why not plan to travel to a nearby city and check into a luxury hotel that offers romantic packages? Some hotel packages include stays at resorts, spas, casinos, romantic cruises, helicopter rides, dinner and entertainment shows. If you are lucky enough to live in a coastal state, such as California, Texas, Washington, South Carolina, Florida, and others, then you can drive to the coast and spend the day at a beach resort with a full romantic view of the ocean – and probably spend less than $250.00, depending on how long you stay. A full week dedicated to a romantic vacation may demand a more flowery destination, like Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Jamaica, Acapulco or (gulp) Paris. But a romantic vacation is not decided by money. It's truly the thought that counts, and it is up to the couple to relax and focus on each other, putting away the worries of the day. For some couples, a camping trip alone may be very romantic while others may prefer a hotel stay, or a cottage or villa rental, and enjoy a simple room with a nice scenic view. Remember to bring your heart for your romantic vacations and leave behind all the excessive glitz and glamour. Plan your vacation with your lady's interests in mind. Think about what she would enjoy doing on the vacation and plan accordingly. Does she desire plenty of snuggling or would she also enjoy sightseeing or outdoor activities? Romantic getaways are all about making her happy and do not have to add up to two months of future paychecks.