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Five Reasons To Take A Cruise Vacation!

No, we're not talking about tickets to see the world's two most famous scientologists in concert.  Rather, a cruise vacation on the high seas!  Imagine sailing out and seeing nothing but sunshine and miles and miles of ocean.  But forget the imagery-if that's even possible.    Here are five other reasons why a cruise may be just the vacation for you.

1.Cheaper Than Most Vacations
Taking a vacation aboard a cruise ship, while not cheap or free can still be cheaper than a typical vacation in which you have to pay for airfare, hotel stay, entertainment and car rentals.  Aboard a cruise all of that is provided for a low price.  You have travel taken care of; you get sleeping accommodation inside the ship, entertainment, food and no car rentals to worry about.

2.Different Cruises For Different Folks
Have a family and want the kids entertained?  Cruises offer a wide variety of entertainment that appeals to different ages including games, shows and in some cases even Internet cafes.  Don't have any kids and just want a simple romantic vacation?  Some cruises are specially made for honeymoons or romantic getaways.  Finally, we thought you'd never ask!  Of course you can get married aboard a cruise ship!  Have the wedding ceremony, the reception and the honeymoon all while watching the beautiful skies and seas. 

3.Travel Around The World
Cruise ships can travel almost anywhere.  Up to Alaska, down to Galveston or the Caribbean, Hawaii, France, Italy or even Egypt.  When you travel a cruise you not only see the ocean up close and personal, not only the skies and stars on peaceful nights, but even exotic lands from all over world. 

4.Package Deals
How about spending just a little bit more money for something a little bit more than just a cruise?  For example some Egypt vacation packages include airfare to Egypt, a hotel stay and a cruise of the Nile River.  Cruises can be an all inclusive vacation or part of a larger package.  A flight, a hotel stay and a cruise?  Now that sounds like overwhelming!  But hey-you only go on a really big vacation every so often.  Why not treat yourself this time?