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An Educational Adventure


Why not make your next vacation an educational adventure? Consider two very different hot vacation spots, Virginia and Yellowstone National Park. They're fun, fulfilling and probably worth more culturally and spiritually than a cheap trip to Vegas.

The Mother Of Presidents

Some 400 years have passed since Virginia’s first colonists began their building efforts in Jamestown. All these years later, the same beautiful sights and sounds amaze visitors in Virginia, the “old dominion” and “the mother of states.” Virginia is also called the mother of presidents since eight famous presidents including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor and Woodrow Wilson. Indeed, there is a great deal of United States history in Virginia.

Tourist Spots

Beyond the museums and state parks, consider other famous Virginia attractions. There's John Miller's Bull Run Castle, a site of fascinating history and story telling. In Natural Bridge, you can find Dinosaur Kingdom with brilliant dinosaur re-creations with the theme of dinosaurs co-existing with (and eating) mankind. Also check out the Haunted Monster Museum at Natural Bridge, which is sure to give you a fright—but not so much that you'll flee Virginia in terror. There are countless other small and unique tourist spots such as a coffee-pot shaped building, the world's largest collection cement lawn ornaments, giant milk bottles, the world's largest apple, and Elvis City, a miniature Graceland.

Virginia Activities

After taking in the history and culture of this legendary state, you can start having some more active fun. Virginia's wilderness, which calls to mind the look and feel of the 17th century, lends itself to family hiking, biking, bird watching and canoeing. Even if your preference is just lying out on the sand and taking in the sun, Virginia can accommodate you. Did we forget to mention fishing? Fishing is big in Virginia and the state boasts of its trout streams from the freestone mountain creeks through the limestone streams and to the tail waters.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park, while far away from Virginia, and covering the three states of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, is equally rich in history and adventure. The park provides educational programs as well as interactive wildlife adventures, such as hiking, horseback riding and camping out. This year go some place different! Get in touch with nature and history on your educational adventure.