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Finding Vacations For Kids


Remember those honeymoon vacations and romantic getaways you used to go on?  Well, a while back you said goodbye to those and hello to your new children.  Now it's time for another vacation, only this time the kids are the stars of the show.  You just want some time to relax and take in the quietness as the kids go nuts on the playground.  Good news!  There are vacations that can keep your kids happy and likewise provide some grown up accommodations.

Some Ideas To Play With

Where are some popular spots for vacations that cater to children of all ages?  How about a theme park like Orlando, Florida?  Or perhaps you want an educational trip to Washington DC or a national park like the Grand Canyon. This is adventurous for children and adults alike.  Cancun is a popular choice with its shopping, beaches and swimming pools, and playgrounds.  How about a family resort, a mountain hike or even a ski resort in the winter season?  Colorado, Vermont, and various provinces of Canada are ideal for skiing or hiking family vacations.

And Then There Was Disney

Disney is certainly the most popular choice when it comes to planning a vacation for the kids.  With Disney's savvy theme park marketing, children of virtually any age can be entertained while parents also enjoy the amenities.  In addition to Disney Land and Disney World, there is now such a thing as Disney cruises, in which you can have all the fun of Disney aboard a cruise ship on the high seas.  Disney cruises are not as colorfully overpowering as Disney Land and even find ways to cater to teenagers.  While the children can be entertained by Disney activities, teenagers can enjoy music, games and an Internet cafe.  Finally, parents can relax and just enjoy the cruise like it was a second honeymoon.

What You Really Need

Before you decide on a destination, make sure that your "family" vacation (planned for the kids, with you sort of tagging along) has some important features.  Unless you choose Disney, you don't really know how fun or exciting a vacation resort will be for your children.  So make sure the resort has open swimming pools, restaurants, and better yet, some supervised children's programs.  Last but not least, make sure the destination is friendly to adults-meaning does it offer a convenient location and one at a fair price?  Better yet, does it offer any special discounts such as a "kids get in free" option? 

Be good to your children-and to yourself--and plan a memorable vacation package for the family!