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Five Great Ideas For An Outdoor Vacation


You have a suspicion that says if you take the family to Disney Land or Las Vegas this year, they're all going to end up wasting time in casinos, arcade centers and stadiums. But what you look forward to the most in your yearly vacations is the great outdoors. No problem. You can bring the whole family to an exciting outdoors vacation and get them away from television—for at least a couple of weeks. Consider five great ideas for an outdoor vacation.

1. Go Camping

Not just at your local hiking trail—somewhere out of the way. Have you ever considered vacationing in a rural state like Georgia, Oregon or Virginia? Imagine a vacation of camping, hiking, and horseback riding. You might even be able to get into a state park where you can see wildlife and learn some interesting history. It's more fun than an educational trip, but much more satisfying than just another indoor game marathon.

2. Play Some Real Sports

Why play games or even watch football when you and the kids can engage in some real sports? How about a ski vacation in Colorado, a snowboarding trip up in Canada or a golf vacation in Myrtle Beach? There's nothing wrong with a little play but for your vacation time, make sure it's really special.

3. Relax On The Beach

Okay, so maybe you don't want to do anything too active. But the beach is both a great place for grown ups to relax and for kids to have fun. Swimming, fishing, surfing and boating are all activities that can be enjoyed on a beach vacation. Think outside the box to smaller beaches like Cape Cod, Oregon or Maine. Or if you really want to try something different, faraway beaches like Cancun, Mexico or Hawaii.

4. A Cruise

While the family might spend a lot of time in the suite or taking part in the indoor amenities, a cruise ship is definitely a way to get the kids out of the house. It offers miles upon miles of ocean, beautiful sunsets and the overwhelming feeling of genuine travel. If the kids are very young, then make it a Disney cruise just so they can think of you as the best mom or dad ever.

Make this year's vacation an outdoor affair and make some new memories that will last a lifetime.