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Planning A Florida Vacation


Florida is the fourth most populous state in America.  It has a rich history, moderate weather and the sunniest beaches you've ever seen.  Though Florida seems to carry a reputation for being a retirement state, many young people also live in Florida.  The weather, the tourist attractions and the land make the sunshine state a treat for all ages. 

Disney World

Disney World is one of Florida's hot spots for tourism and interstate fun.  The theme park is defined by its classic and lovable characters, its thrilling rides and exciting live shows.  Popular attractions include Pirates Of The Caribbean, Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.  Adding to the originality of the place, Disney not only has a theme park but entire resorts set up nearby that complement the theatrics.  It's not so much a part of Orlando or Bay Lake; it's more like an entire city in its own right.

Universal Orlando Resort

While there's no giant Disney characters walking around here, there are many other cinema legends and interactive movie fun to be enjoyed.  Popular attractions include Fear Factor Live!, E.T. Adventure, Revenge Of The Mummy, Men In Black: Alien Attack, Terminator 2: 3-D, and Beetlejuice's Rock 'n' Roll Graveyard Revue.  The Universal Orlando Resort is a fascinating interactive experience for movie fans who want to live the adventures they see on the screen.

Sea World

After all that movie fun and Disney overload, why not check out something spectacular and living in the real world: animal life.  Sea World is one part aquatic and arctic zoo, one part theme park with wet and wild rides and one part live entertainment show.  Come see Shamu, the giant whale who does tricks and is as self-indulgent a celebrity as Florida's own Rosie O'Donnell.

Florida Rentals

Perhaps best of all are the living conditions in Florida, speaking of real estate, lodging rentals and beaches.  You can rent a beach house or a beach condominium and relax on the sand for days on end. 

Florida is called the Sunshine State, and you'll know why upon returning home with the perfect tan.  For a relaxing snooze or a non-stop party, Florida is the ideal spot for a vacation.