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That Hit The Spot! Mexico Vacations


If you have the tendency to fall in love with your vacation spots, then beware of traveling to Mexico. Everything from the cuisine to the singing and dancing to the unique shopping defines Mexico as the perfect vacation to relax.

What Defines Mexico

From Tijuana to Mexico City to Guadalajara, vacationing in Mexico is a rich experience for the whole family—even without being too expensive. The climate is nice, the history is vast and the festivities are breathtaking. It's as if every state in Mexico has its own culture and language. The arts and crafts alone in various Mexico cities can bring zest and spirit to a vacation.

Relaxing In Mexico

While not as “fun” as say, Disney Land, various places in Mexico are ideal for a truly relaxing vacation. How relaxed can you be with a giant duck hanging over you and patting you on the back? But imagine the laid-back atmosphere at the Pacific coast of beaches from Acapulco, Puerto Escondido and Puerto Vallarta. The water is startlingly transparent in many vacation spots—a far difference from the sludge gray color in most common beaches. Vacationing in Mexico can be a wonderful vacation equally enjoyable for children as well as adults.

The Real Cancun

Cancun is a particularly enjoyable coastal city in Mexico and is a very good spot for heavy tourism. There are some 140 hotels in Cancun with 380 restaurants. It is popular for its beaches, its comfortable climate and its downtown area. Cancun even has such popular tourist magnets as an international airport and interactive aquarium. Downtown Cancun is known for its many clubs (some gay clubs), American stores and hotels. Mostly, Cancun is known as a place where college students come to party. Why the sudden interest in Mexico? Is it the ruins of Cancun or the amazing story of Frida Kahlo? No, it's mostly the alcohol. Cancun's legal drinking age is 18; while in the United States, it's 21. And that is the real Cancun!

Make It A Mexico Vacation

Whether traveling to Cancun, Tijuana or Puerto Escondido, beholding the beauty and artistic wonder of Mexico is a delight. This year why not book a vacation to somewhere new and exciting? A vacation in Mexico will leave you refreshed.