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Vacationing In Australia


How about a vacation somewhere different this year?  Not just different, as in "let's go skiing or biking", but an entirely different country and culture.  Have you ever thought about Australia?  Australian culture is a mixture of many different people and civilizations, including England, America and thanks to large-scale immigration, even Asia. 

The Fruits Of Australia

Australia is well known for its performing arts and boasts a wide variety of films, opera, music, theater, painting and dance.  Sports also play an important part in national culture and such sports as cricket, hockey, rugby, horse racing, soccer and football with Australian rules.

Australian Wildlife And Climate

Much of the land in Australia is semi-arid or even desert plain.  It is considered the driest inhabited continent and has the oldest and least fertile soil in the world.  Wildlife is nonetheless prevalent in the country, from species of kangaroo and other marsupials like the koala bear to giant birds like the emu.

Australia's Demographics

Australia's demographics are shifting towards an older population.  In addition to its indigenous population, many older immigrants are choosing the continent as a pleasant home country for retirement.  The country keeps an active immigration plan in order to boost population growth.  While there are quotas for family members and refugees, immigration programs strongly appeal to the skilled worker.

Australia Travel Tips

When vacationing in Australia, tourists will need a Visa.  Most people can order Visa's online and in the case of an emergency trip, can request expedited service.  The best part about Australia?  Well it could be the outback, the remarkable scenery or the amazing animal life.  But another great advantage of vacationing in Australia is that you get to go to a foreign land and they all speak the same language!  English is the official language of Australia and aside from a few funny words, you can easily make a lot of new friends.

When planning a vacation look for vacation packages.  Airfare is not cheap when going overseas.  Not only that, but airfare plus hotel stay and car rental fees can definitely add up.  When you purchase a vacation package, you pay a travel agency one fixed rate for a guaranteed package of comfortable travel. 

For a fun vacation, far away from home but still close to your heart, why not choose the Commonwealth of Australia?