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Vacation Packages and Travel in Texas

Remember that song, "All My Exes Live In Texas?"  Well why do you think all his exes lived in Texas?  Because Texas is an exciting place to live and it's a great place to plan your next vacation.

Texas Business
Texas is a highly industrialized state with many populated cities that is second only to California in gross state product, making $982.4 billion in 2005.  Houston and Dallas are the two major economic centers: Houston with its petrochemical and biomedical research, Dallas with its aerospace and defense manufacturing.  They are also very tourist friendly cities with many attractions such as museums, theme parks like Six Flags, The Dallas Zoo, and The Houston Livestock and Rodeo.  

Vacation Travel to Other Big Cities
San Antonio is another big tourist spot, with the San Antonio River Walk and its many shopping malls, museums and parks.  There is also a Sea World in San Antonio, featuring aquariums full of wonderful aquatic life as well as amusement park rides.  San Antonio also holds a piece of history in the Alamo.  Heading further south you have Austin, the capital of Texas, and a vibrant city for entertainment and music, so much so that it's known as The Live Music Capital of the World.

Arts And Culture
Texas has built a reputation for being a melting pot of different cultures around the world.  There are people integrating from Mexico, other nearby states like Oklahoma, Kansas and the Dakotas, and even Yankee states up north.  It is a state very friendly towards the performing arts with many theaters, arenas, and music halls set up for live concerts and productions. 

Texas Cruises
Don't forget Galveston and Corpus Christi, two cities on the coast that are great spots for further tourism.  Galveston has a particularly rich history and amazing story behind its famous seawall, which is seventeen feet high and seven miles long.  South Padre Island has many beautiful beaches, as well as fishing, boating, bird watching and shopping.  In addition, Corpus Christi and Galveston hosts luxury cruises from the gulf of Mexico that can go as far as Mexico, Jamaica or the Cayman Islands. 

Texas is truly a blend of every great tourist state.  Come see why the charming folks call Texas a "whole other country."