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Four Places To Go On Spring Break


Spring Break is finally here! Celebrate! Drink! But when you're done partying for the night, why not take a real vacation? Spring Break should be a time to relax, to have fun and to go somewhere you haven't been a million times already. So where are some fun new idea? Here are four great ideas, dude.

1. Hawaii

Hawaii is the ultimate paradise for people of all ages, and even you--whether you're in the mood to relax or to party hard. What is there to do in Hawaii besides soak up the sun and wear a hula? Go surfing and ride the gentle waves of Waikiki. Take a ride on a watercraft, a sailboat or a Hobie Cat. Go look at some fascinating pieces of history, for instance the Heiau, an ancient burial ground that looks out over Waiamea Bay. Go on a helicopter or boat tour in Kaua'i. Hawaii is the perfect vacation all year round!

2. California

If you're in California then maybe your own backyard isn't such a good thing. But if you've never been to such popular tourist spots as San Diego, San Fransisco, Anaheim and Venice Beach then you don't know the glory of the Golden State. If you're young at heart you can stop by Disney World and ride Splash Mountain or visit Universal Studios and interact with all your favorite movies. Not too far away is Sea World where you can see the very talented and temperamental celebrity Shamu, the Orca whale, almost as well behaved as Britney Spears.

3. Cancun, Mexico Vacation

Forget the fact that the drinking age is under 21 in Cancun. Forget the fact that all the young and beautiful people go to Cancun on Spring Break and party the week away. You can't really forget all that can you? Well then just remember that Cancun also has some of the best beaches in the world, with sand and water so clean you'll never want to return to school. (Even if you enjoy it!)

4. The Dominican Republic

Bet you didn't see that one coming. But The Dominican Republic is a growing favorite among the young and hip. The Dominican Republic is considered less "party hard" than better known alternative spots such as Daytona, South Padre Island or Cancun. But it may be just what you need if you truly want to relax as opposed to just party all night. A few bonus points awarded for being a popular location with prices that are actually affordable and not out of this world. Hey, Partying is cool in the spring but money is hard to come by all year round. Have a fun vacation and see you next year!