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Georgia On My Mind


Ray Charles might have immortalized Georgia in a song, but anyone who has ever visited the state of Georgia would find it hard to forget.

The History Of Georgia

One of the original 13 colonies of America, Georgia has a rich American history. It was founded in 1733 by British General James Oglethorpe and originally established to provide a military buffer between the Spanish residing in Florida and England's South Carolina territory. The general named Georgia after King George II and further established Savannah, the first planned city in America. Georgia was a major area for the American Civil War, and remnants of history still remain to this day scattered across the state.

Museums And Memorials

Museums, artifacts and parks that detail American history are popular tourist attractions. Georgia is also rich in African American heritage and culture, with commemorations including the memorial of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and many famous spots in the state where he was born and preached from the pulpit.

Reasons To Extend Your Vacation

You may find quite a few reasons to stay in Georgia after your vacation ends. The coastal sands of the Atlantic Ocean, the Georgia Mountains and their sweet pines are a nature lover's dream neighborhood. The business community is also alive and well, with Georgia one of the notable regions in national real estate.

Outdoor Activities

The weather is fine in Georgia, leaving much time to devote to fun outdoor activities like biking, hiking or simply driving through the wonderful scenic country roads. There are thousands of miles of off-road trails and large rivers. The beginning of Appalachian Trail, the oldest mountain system on earth, is quite an adventure. After the hike and jog, you can still entertain yourself at the Indian Springs State Park or explore the forests of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.

Georgia Travel Tips

When planning a Georgia vacation, look for a package deal with your travel agency. This will allow you to pay one fixed rate rather than having to worry about airfare, car rentals and hotel stays separately. Come enjoy a part of history and have fun in Georgia: an American treasure state.